Our heart.


Homelessness in America impacts thousands of Veterans and individuals suffering with mental health disorders. We proudly support several enterprises who are providing lotions, jewelry and candles in order to spark hope through employment for those affected by life on the streets of Nashville and L.A.


Human Trafficking has become the second fastest growing criminal industry in the world. The National Human Trafficking Resource Center estimates it's a $32 billion industry, with half coming from industrialized countries. This is not only a Third World problem. Chicago has become a hub for human trafficking,with estimates as large as 30,000 trafficked in Illinois annually. In the suburbs, places such as massage spas and strip clubs often serve as a front for trafficking. When you purchase our purses, jewelry and lotions you are providing hope to those overcoming trauma from human trafficking. Thank you for using your purchasing power to fight this billion-dollar industry.


If you are living in America, you are among the top 7% richest in the world. Our partner social enterprises are working hard to create job opportunities to the poorest nations in the world-- India and Haiti-- to create long term solutions of sustainability. If we are "helping" a country and are still there after 20 or 30 years, that is hindering rather than "helping." Our bags, purses and jewelry lines are tackling poverty through fair market practices and development skills.


Haiti's farmers are against all odds due to the infertility of Haiti's soil, that has eroded due to many reasons, among them is deforestation. Our partner is creating solutions to reforest Haiti through their line of jewelry and watches.


Every mom wants to provide a safe home for her child. We provide beautiful soy candles made by urban teen moms in Chicago that receive parental guidance and job skills. Thank you for "lighting the way" for young moms and their kids through buying our candles.